This yarn is so special!

Each release of Old Homestead Alpacas Farm yarn takes two years to go from shearing to market. The alpacas are raised in Walla Walla by Elaine and Mike and shorn annually. The fiber is then sent to be milled in Tennessee at New Era Fiber Mill, to Elaine's specifications. The yarn is then brought back to the Walla Walla Valley to be dyed by Elaine using plants and flowers grown on her farm.

Each 100g skein of Benji is overdyed with the plant named in the listing. White alpaca fiber is blended with 40% American Merino, and yields approximately 342 yards.

It blocks beautifully and is perfect for garments, accessories, and would play really well with Spincycle Dyed in the wool or Woolfolk Tynd, Snow or even Far!