Le Petit Lambswool

Le Petiti Lambswool is a pure lambswool from a family-owned fiber mill in scotland. the wool is rustic and soft at the same time. Le Petit Lambswool is perfect for colorwork, and we can't wait to see what you create with it! 

Available in a wide array of colorways, the strands are thin and sturdy in a beautiful quality, presented in a way that feels like home. the ball bands are handwritten by caroline.

what is lambswool ? it is actually the first shearing of a sheep, considered the high-grade of wool.

the little story: when starting to think about a woolen company, astrid was in search of the yarn she wanted to knit her designs with and offer in the shop. she was looking for something rustic, that reminds her trip to Norway in 1995, discovering the pure wool from their Norwegian sheep, as well as her Scandinavian roots, a yarn that would make a sturdy sweater, to be worn through the years. and that rustic yarn would have to be blended with a soft feeling, that felt good knitting with, and of course, that felt good wearing.